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Though they seem to be the exception, there are those who reach their financial dreams.

They’re the people who take charge, see their potential and never take their eyes off of it. They are the ones that retire early, travel, and enjoy life without worry.

Talk Fusion’s pay plan gives you that kind of control. You determine the lifestyle you want and then you create it.


Here are some of the ways Talk Fusion helps you earn money!

To view an indepth presentation of the compensation plan and how you earn money, click here

The Talk Fusion Compensation Plan is a binary system in which you build left-side and right-side downline organizations for the purpose of selling Talk Fusion’s products. Each product is assigned a point value called Sales Volume (SV), and the compensation plan is based upon the accumulation of these points. Group Sales Volume (GSV) is the accumulation of Sales Volume on each product purchased in your downline. The weekly commissions you earn are based on the balanced Group Sales Volume (GSV) accumulated in your left-side and right-side downline organizations.

Talk Fusion Business Centers are designed to pay you weekly commissions on sales volume with no limit to the number of levels from which you can earn your commissions. Since every Associate and Customer purchases directly from Talk Fusion, you do not have to purchase and maintain any inventory.

The income you receive from Talk Fusion will be in direct proportion to your ability to retail Talk Fusion’s products to your Customers, as well as your ability to build an organization of Associates who, like you, retail to their Customers and build an organization of Associates.

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