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Business Customers and Talk Fusion make a great pair!

From family-owned to Fortune 500, Talk Fusion is your answer.

There is no better way to promote your products and services. Talk Fusion even provides an extensive library of ready to use professionally recorded business videos that that any business, small or large, can begin using immediately. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to produce a professionally recorded video for your business, simply use the Talk Fusion video library and let our professional talent do the talking for you. Talk Fusion can make your company look like a million bucks, even if you do not have a marketing department.

Automate Marketing Campaigns

As a Talk Fusion customer, you will have a Video Email Center that surpasses expectations – with tools that turn industry competitors green with envy. You have an Email Scheduler, which means you can create a video email campaign today and automate it to go out on the weekend, next week, next month . . . whenever you like! You have the flexibility that lets you drive your business at your own speed. Moreover, once you have sent a campaign out, a click of a button lets you send the exact same campaign again, and again, and again.

Your Address Book is simple and easy to use. Enter your contacts one at a time, or import an entire group of contacts quickly and easily.

Campaign Reporting – Separate the Serious from the Curious

With Talk Fusion’s real-time tracking technology, you will instantly be able to tell who is serious versus merely curious, which means you can spend your time and marketing dollars where it is needed most.

You can see who watched your video email, when they watched it, how many times they watched it, whether they forwarded it to someone else, and if they clicked on any of your links. You can even see names and email addresses of forwarded messages!

This is viral marketing at its best.

Make a Good Impression . . .

the first time and every time you want to communicate with your customers!

Talk Fusion “templates” are used to package your video email in a professional and elegant way. It’s like wrapping a present! You will find over 100 designer templates that are theme specific in your Talk Fusion Template Library. They require no work on your part and your video arrives in a polished and effective package that WOWS everyone!



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