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VERM - Video Email Recruiting Machine 

Does the thought of prospecting for customers make your palms sweat? Do you have little time to devote to talking to people about the product? Talk Fusion takes the worry out of prospecting for customers and finding business partners. All you have to do is enter the prospect name and email address into VERM (Video Email Recruiting Machine) and VERM goes to work sending professional videos to your contacts about the product and the business opportunity. With two separate sets of recruiting videos in VERM, you are able to tailor your communications to prospective customers and prospective business partners.

With VERM (Video Email Recruiting Machine) Talk Fusion’s proprietary video email prospecting system, duplication is a snap. Simply enter a prospect’s email address, whether one or one thousand, and VERM will send a series of customized and professionally produced video emails to your prospect telling them about Talk Fusion’s business opportunity, products and why they need to be involved.

Or, upload your own videos and schedule when you want - YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Custom follow-up is at your fingertips.

  • Prospects and customers request information from you and a high-impact video message is automatically delivered to them within seconds.
  • Personalized follow-up video emails are automatically sent to your prospects at regular pre-determined intervals; without intervention from you.
  • Save time, build customer loyalty, increase efficiency, identify the “serious” vs. curious and make more money.


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